Job Description for the Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries

The person called to the ministry of Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries must be in agreement with Salem Church’s Articles of Faith, Mission, Vision and Core Values and must have a passion for ministry within the local church including disciple making small groups. He must also be a mature Christian believer qualified for leadership within the church. He must be willing to become a member of Salem Church, make it his home church, and be willing to work in cooperation with the other Waldheim churches.

Salem Church Purpose and Core Values

  1. The purpose of Salem Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
    • A disciple is one who is Following Jesus (Head) "Follow me..."
    • A disciple is one who is Being Changed by Jesus (Heart) "and I will make you..."
    • A disciple is one who is Committed to the Mission of Jesus (Hands) "fishers of men."
    • Follow me and I will make you fishers of men. Matthew 4:19
  1. Our current Vision Statement is that we will seek to be a church where everyone proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ at every opportunity.
  2. Core Values:
    Mission : We are committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ. Through a biblically balanced fellowship of mutual caring, instruction, and accountability, individuals will be encouraged to exercise their spiritual gifts.
    Majesty : We are committed to providing all generations opportunities fos passionate worship.
    Ministry : We are committed to having all believers understanding and serving in the ways God has gifted and prepared them to serve.
    Missions : We are committed to the training, sending and supporting of our missionaries.


Our desire is that the Associate Pastor possess the following qualifications:

  1. The ability to develop and work on a team.
  2. The ability to teach the Bible effectively.
  3. The ability to provide wise counsel in real life situations.
  4. The ability to equip and empower others to lead.
  5. The ability to shepherd small group leaders.
  6. A degree from a recognized Bible College or Seminary preferably related to the area of youth ministries.
  7. Experience in and passion for the areas identified in the job description.


  1. The Associate Pastor is accountable to the Board of Elders. He submits a monthly written report of activities and expenditures. Attendance at Board of Elder meetings may be required.
  2. The Associate Pastor is accountable to the Lead Pastor for the general flow of his day to day activities.
  3. The Associate Pastor is responsible to maintain a balance between giving leadership to the teams he develops and working alongside the adult leaders on these teams.

Ministry Resources

  1. Spiritually developing and skilled volunteers with in the church.
  2. The budgeted money designated by the congregation to areas of ministry.
  3. An expense account is available to remunerate ministry expenses such as mileage.

Ministry Responsibilities

Youth Ministries (75-85%)

Provide leadership to our Senior Youth and Junior Youth Ministries.

  1. Appropriately participate in Senior Youth and Junior Youth weekly events.
  2. Prepare and lead Bible studies following a teaching plan. The plan should be developed in consultation with The List of Seventy-five Essentials.
  3. Intentionally care for and equip the leadership teams.
  4. Lead the Senior Youth and Junior Youth leadership teams and their meetings.
  5. Have a regular presence at the school.
  6. Spend time in one on one and group connections.
  7. Plan and implement occasional service projects.
  8. Provide opportunity and encourage Senior Youth to have a mission experience.
  9. See how and when Youth can become involved in our shared ministries.

General Pastoral Duties (15-25%)

  1. Preaching and Teaching
    1. Participate in the preaching and teaching ministry at Salem Church.
  2. Shepherding and Administrative Care
    1. Participate in meeting with caring for the spiritual needs of our congregation.
    2. Be involved in Sunday Services as needed.
    3. Be involved in pastoral counselling.
    4. Participate in weddings and marriage preparation.
    5. Participate in funeral services when needed.
    6. Participate in membership and baptism.

Avenues to Ensure Spiritual Health and Growth

  1. It is expected that the Associate Pastor will take one day a month for personal spiritual retreat.
  2. Resources as determined by the Elder Team budget for professional development.

Apply Now

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to