Because HE Lives!

While it is disappointing that it was -15 before windchill, it was amazing to witness a gorgeous Easter sunrise listening to Henry Braun and Leah Braun Worship our risen Saviour! While it was disappointing we couldn’t have had our hillside filled with the presence of each of you, our church family, it is stabilizing that our resurrected Lord Jesus Christ is unchanging! Today, and as we move into this next week, be sure to glorify the Son who is risen, and surrender to the God who raised Him from the grave.

He is risen. He is risen indeed!

A warm thank-you to Henry and Leah for still be willing to celebrate today’s resurrection sunrise, despite the chilly weather! I know how chilly my fingers were getting just holding my phone; I can’t imagine how cold Henry's fingers were! And many thanks to Lorne for being willing to attempt drone footage... can we try next year again;) And thanks to my wonderful hubby who ploughed A LOT of snow to make it possible for us to get to the field hill. Next year... maybe next year... there will be crocuses on this hill... and our entire church family!