Small Group Details

Call or email the church office to sign up for any group, or sign up on Sunday morning.

Luke & Lindy Siebert

With David & Karin Cameron

Every other Sunday. 6:00pm

Starting October 3rd.

Members rotate with hosting.

Room for 4 (+ or -) more people.


Following sermon study.

Matt & Leah Tyree

With Mike & Tamzyn Neufeld

Sunday evenings. Potluck supper.

Sign-up full.

Rod & Brenda Wiens

With Kal & Sandra Rasmussen

Every other Sunday evening. 6pm.

Beginning October 3 with a meal.

"Kid-Friendly" group.

Room for 2 more families.

Scott & Heather Langelaar

With Brad & Ashley Merkle

Monday evenings. Weekly or bi-weekly.

Possibly an occasional potluck.

Sign-up full.

Bryan & Marian Lester

Monday evenings.

Twice a month for study. Once a month for a meal and fellowship.

"Our desire is to see people 'grow together' and to know and obey God's call on their life".

Room for 1 more family.

Kevin & Crystal Klassen

With Steve & Angie Boldt

Every other Tuesday. 7-9pm.

No babysitting, but kids can come along if needed.

Following sermon study.

Room for 2 more adults.

Chris & Rebecca Roth

With Barry & Connie Friesen

Every other Tuesday. 7-9pm.

Sign-up full.

Occasional potluck / activity

Pastor James & Jayme VanderVeen

With Nic & Erika Wiens

Every other Wednesday. 6:30-8:00pm.

Starting October 6th.

Room for 2 more families.