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Waldheim Christian Service Brigade (CSB)

Action packed discipleship for men and boys!

Young men Grade 3-12 attend Brigade! A dedicated team of 'Captains, Rangers and Lieutenants' disciple these young men every Wednesday, September - Spring. In addition to their regular meetings which involve check offs, formations, projects, post meetings, honors and stories, the guys also enjoy some fun events such as a Riverhills campout, laser tag and paint ball events. The Stockade "Shape-N-Race" has become an annual exciting event!

The Brigade program is divided into two groups:

  1. Stockade - Grades 3-6
  2. Battalion - Grades 7-12

Both Stockade and Battalion meet every Wednesday from 7pm-8:45pm and runs in partnership with MB Church.

Dates: September to May

Location: Salem Church in Waldheim

Leadership: Scott Langelaar, Ryan Dueck, and Brad Merkle

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