Sunday School

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Sunday School

In partnership with parents, we seek to raise up lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.

Truth 78 LogoWhether you are 2, 22, or 102, there is a class for you! Sunday School is offered each Sunday morning before the Worship Service with classes offered for:

  • Toddler Nursery: (1 & 2 yr olds)
  • Pre-School Class
  • Kindergarten: Jesus, What a Savior
  • Grade 1-2: The ABC's of God
  • Grade 3-4: In the Beginning...Jesus
  • Grade 5-6: Fight the Good Fight
  • Grade 7-8: My Purpose Will Stand
  • Grade 9-10: Rejoicing in God's Good Design
  • Grade 11-12: Your Word is Truth
  • Adults: Bible Class: Answers in Genesis Chronological journey through the Old Testament with a focus on apologetics and life application.
  • Young Adults: Music for the Soul - Ephesians 5:18b-19
  • FRIENDS Class

Dates: September - June

Class Locations: Classes are located throughout the building. Check the attached Class File for "your class".

Leadership Team: Brenda Wiens and Terry Unruh

If you have a passion that every individual should encounter the gospel of Jesus Christ on every page of Scripture, and would like to add your leadership skills to the SS team, contact Brenda Wiens.

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Class Locations

September 22, 2022

Class Locations.pdf
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